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Cununa Ensemble

The Cununa Ensemble was founded in the Netherlands and consists of five musicians with different backgrounds and nationalities who share the same passion for music.

Mariana Preda (Pan Flute): Mariana Preda is a pan flute musician. Born and raised in Romania, she enrolled at Targoviste music school. She got her Bachelor and Master’s Degree in "Classical Panflute" at the Conservatory of Amsterdam in the Netherlands under the guidance of Professor Matthijs Koene. Mariana has performed in various locations around the world, promoting contemporary and folk music in a different series of ensembles.

Gabriel Barbalau (double bass): From the age of 10, Gabriel Barbalau studied the cello at the music college "George Enescu" in Bucharest, Romania. However, his great skill on the double bass also made him a member of the state folk ensemble "Ciocarlia" at the age of 19. In this way he became acquainted with the prominent musicians of Romania, as well as with pan flute player Nicolae Pirvu with whom he came to the Netherlands. Here he obtained his diploma for classical double bass at both the Royal Conservatory of The Hague and the Sweelinck Conservatory of Amsterdam. Since then he has been active both nationally and internationally in various symphony orchestras, chamber music and world music projects.

Dani Luca (cymbalom): With Dani Luca (1984, Romania), traditional folk and gypsy music were introduced by his father, uncle and grandfather. The attraction especially to the instrument "cimbalom" started at a young age and turned out to have talent (feeling) for this instrument at a very young age. Living in the Netherlands since 1990, Dani started studying cimbalom under the guidance of his father and also regularly received master classes from famous virtuoso cymbalists, including Giani Lincan.

Noa Eyl (1988 Amsterdam) already knew at the age of 2 that he wanted to become a violinist, but only got his first violin at the age of 5. Under the wings of the famous violin pedagogue Coosje Wijzenbeek, he has achieved great success. Including winning several competitions such as the Iordens Violin Days, the international Charles Hennen competition and 2 times the National Finals of the Princess Christina competition which resulted in a performance in Carnegie Hall New York. As a soloist and with various chamber music ensembles he played all over Europe.

Alper Kekec (percussion) was born on February 15, 1975 in Bakirkoy, Istanbul. He moved with his family to Trakya (northwestern part of Turkey) and lived there until the age of 18. After finishing high school, he moved to Izmir. He was first introduced to music at a young age and instead of playing guitar like many youngsters do, he continued to play Baglama (Turkish folk guitar) after a mandolin training in school. In 1995 he entered the Ege University Conservatory and studied "tar" (Azerbaijani folk guitar). After a while he started playing percussion instruments and started his music career with rhythm instruments. He has recorded 2 albums with the band "Umuda Ezgi". He has played percussion and drum in many music styles.

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